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In recent years there has been a rapid increase in the use of air transport by an increasing number of passengers and the transport of high-value cargo.


The high growth rates in air transport demand in recent years introduce additional challenges in order to maximize aircraft operating efficiency (air side), but also in the way airport infrastructure is managed, ensuring that access to the airport is carried out as efficiently as possible.


This evolution in air transport demand will continue over the next few years, and it is necessary at all times to reflect on the most appropriate models of exploitation and segmentation of demand to ensure the full use of existing and / or to be built infrastructures.


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Our team has a consolidated project development experience for Airports and Air Transport, providing an integrated perspective on which main issues and questions to consider when designing the airspace, analyzing recent developments, but also incorporating the new prospects and trends for the medium and long term.

Air Transport

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Our areas of expertise summarize as follows

Strategic level
  • European policy analysis
  • Passenger rights
  • Assessment of socio-economic impacts, competitiveness and location
  • Support for concession processes
  • Refinancing and redesigning of networks and routes


Tactical level
  • Demand studies for airports, considering the movement of airplanes, cargo and passengers
  • Demand and feasibility studies of new mobility services
  • Policies and Parking Studies (and support studies)
  • Proposals for accessibility improvements to the airport, considering the different transport modes, as well as the promotion of more sustainable and efficient accessibility standards
  • Characterization of the passenger profile and satisfaction level
  • Calculation of IATA indicators


Operational Level
  • Curbsides enhancements (traffic and layout)
  • Microsimulation of functional aspects
  • Strategy and Action Plan for improving the airport experience (infrastructure and air mode)
  • Logistic Solutions

Some of our experience

Some of our experience in this area of business

  • Market study for competition analysis of car parking in airports
  • Traffic study for curbsides at Lisbon Airport
  • Traffic study for land side of the Complementary Airport of Montijo (in progress)
  • Study of the maximum capacity of Humberto Delgado (Portela) Airport
  • NAL (New airport of Lisbon) Evaluation Study: accessibility descriptor


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