Innovation and Development


Mobility has a great impact on the life of citizens, companies and society in general, with the evolution of this sector being one of the greatest drivers of the current changes. Most of innovation taking place is a result of the possibility of accessing information in real time and at a low cost.


The technological evolution gives further importance to the planning and management of transport systems, requiring additional attention in terms of regulation and protection of rights, which can have a positive contribution in improving the environment.


Innovation is our DNA and it is in our name – TIS!


Since its genesis, TIS has integrated various research consortia on European projects, providing TIS with a leading position in terms of the best European practices. The expertise on R&D projects, combined with an integrated view of the different sectors enable us to offer robust and innovative solutions.

Inovation and Development


Strategic level
  • Evolution scenarios and impact assessment
  • Benchmarking of innovation solutions


Tactical level
  • Modelling of complex systems
  • Benchmarking of new technologies
  • Development of scenarios, evaluation of packages of measures and innovation programmes
  • (ex-ante, ex-post) Impact assessments
  • Risk analysis (@RISK)


Operational Level
  • Preparation of proposals and management measures (within the Horizon 2020 framework and the Connecting Europe Facility – CEF)
  • Training in transportation planning and management
  • Predictive models with dynamic systems and agent modelling
  • Customer profile and data mining


  • MODELIT - Modeling of infrastructures and complex and not typified systems in Transport
  • LOGISTRAF - Simulation of load and unload operations in urban areas
  • CONCERTOUR - Transport's contribution to improving the competitiveness of European Tourism
  • EURO-ACCESS - Quality of life and equality in the access to infrastructures for people with physical disabilities
  • MEDIATE - Methodologies for Assessing and Measuring Accessibility for All in Public Transport Networks
  • Sociological study of the urban Plan of Arneiros, Analysis of Expectations and Press clippings
  • Economic, energy and environmental viability of alternative propulsion technologies and energy sources for road transport
  • New ways of financing transport infrastructure projects in Europe (EP-STOA)
  • MARKET-UP - Market uptake of transport research and role of actors and regions
  • FUTRE - FUture prospects on TRansport evolution and innovation challenges for the competitiveness of Europe
  • MoTiV - Estimating Travel Time Value by accounting for the Value Proposition of Mobility
  • DEMOCRITOS - DEveloping the Mobility Credits Integrated Platform Enabling Travellers TO Improve Urban Transport
  • Management and evaluation of Impacts of ITS Corridors (Intelligent
  • Ex-ante evaluation of the single logistics window in Portugal)

TIS is Inteligent Movement

More than 25 years creating sustainable, integrated and all-in-one solutions in the area of mobility and transports