Logistics and Goods


Freight transport and urban logistics have significant impacts on the good functioning of cities and urban networks.


In a context where the option for road clearly dominates, there are still many opportunities to be explored for promoting greater modal rebalancing in freight transport, not only taking into account short/long-distance movements, but also in last mile connections.


Thus, it essential to act in the logistics sector to promote integrated and potentially disruptive solutions that promote the decarbonisation of the transport sector.


In the projects in which we have participated at national and international level, we have sought to identify the best practices of regulation and management of urban logistics, as well as of the urban network supplies.


TIS has a great experience in the evaluation of logistic networks and infrastructure, as well as on strategic planning and business models of ports and logistic terminals.

Logistics and Goods


Strategic Level
  • Regulations and policies for load and unload operations
  • Recommendations to increase distribution efficiency
  • Strategic plans and business models for ports and logistic platforms


Tactical level
  • Business models for new forms of urban distribution
  • Information systems


Operational Level
  • Promotion of zero-emission solutions in the last mile (urban context)
  • Route and fleet management in peri-urban and rural contexts


Port Systems
  • Strategic Plan for the Development of the Port of Leixões
  • REALISE: Regional Action for the Logistic Integration of Maritime Transport in Europe
  • Portuguese Port System: Market Study
  • Feasibility Study of a RO-RO Line between a Portuguese and an English Port


Business Models
  • Creation of an Iberian Logistic Operator
  • PROTRANS: the role of the external logistic operators and their impact on transport systems
  • Design of a New Information System (NSI) for the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA)
  • Optimisation of Productive Processes of a Special Transportation Operator
  • Development of Market Studies, Economic-Financial Assessment and Operationalisation of the Navigability in the Tagus Estuary


Logistics, Management and Regulation
  • New Regulation for the Loading and Unloading Operations in Lisbon
  • Urban Logistic Action Plan in the city of Funchal
  • eDRUL: Innovative Solutions for Urban Logistics
  • Turblog_WW: Transferability of concepts and practices of urban logistics from a global perspective

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