Maritime and River Transport



In the preamble of the Strategy for the Competitiveness Enhancement of the Continent's Commercial Port Network - Horizon 2026, it is stated that: "The sustainable use of the potentialities of the sea, profound symbol of national identity, will allow Portugal to assume a leadership role in a sector which is a future-proof, reinforcing the national geo-strategic position and contributing for the success of the economy of the sea, which, in turn, is based, among other strategic vectors, on reinforcing Euro-Atlantic centrality from the point of view of ports and logistic."


Some of the issues that arise in the evolution of this sector are largely due to the increase in the size of vessels, progressive containerization, increase of the number of cruises, digitization, but also the exploitation of the full potential of the Atlantic and the use of the multimodality provided by the Atlantic Corridor.


Inland waterway transport, often viewed only from the perspective of passengers, will also play an important role in freight transport, taking advantage of existing waterways.


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TIS has participated in numerous projects related to maritime and inland waterway transport, both at national and international level, in the consultancy and research areas for the European Commission and industry agencies.


In recent years, we have collaborated in the development of a large part of the Strategic Plans for Portuguese ports and maritime terminals, and also accompanied the development of European policies and the consolidation of the national and TEN-T strategic corridors.

Maritime and River Transport


Our areas of expertise summarize as follows

Strategic level
  • Strategic plans for ports and terminals
  • European policy analysis
  • Strategic studies for regions and logistics platforms
  • Passenger Rights


Tactical level
  • Integration into national strategic corridors and associated TEN-T
  • Demand study for cargo and passenger terminals
  • Logistic and modal integration solutions
  • RO-RO and TMCD line offer analysis
  • Impact assessment and due diligence study
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Support for the preparation of applications for European funds


Operational Level
  • Studies on information systems
  • Internal terminal design
  • Maritime safety


Some of our experience in this area of business

  • Strategic Plan 2015/2026 for Leixões and Viana do Castelo ports and for the waterway of Douro, APDL (Ports Association for Douro e Leixões)
  • Strategic Plan for the Administration of Sines and Algarve Ports, S.A., APS
  • EUROPORT - Optimizing intermodal transport in European ports, ESA
  • Market study about the movement of cruise ships and evaluation of the economic and financial feasibility of investments in the port of Portimão, APS
  • Preliminary Study of the River Link for Complementary Montijo Airport,
  • Study on the movement of goods in the port of Sines and the economic and financial viability of the construction of a new railway access to Spain, APS
  • Future solution of SafeSeaNet as a tool to support CISE (Common Information Sharing Environment for the Maritime Domain) and other communities, EMSA
  • Benefit analysis of the European Automatic Identification System (AIS) system, EMSA
  • Cost benefit analysis for the implementation of the STCW information system, EMSA
  • Requirements for an information system for the port of Guinea Bissau, Government of the Republic of Guinea Bissau
  • Traffic Study for the New Lisbon Cruise Terminal

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