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We understand the business

In activities linked with transportation of people or goods will always have some significant endeavor.

The rationalization of these efforts should be a goal, whether on the financial aspect or the impacts that it generates.

Our integrated vision helps organizations to comprehend the risks and business opportunities allowing to support a decision with the knowledge necessary for that.

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Vision Traffic Suite is the world standard in transport planning software.

Direct and manage traffic flows is a big responsibility. Traffic planning, signal control, traffic management and many more tasks that have to be managed.

PTV products support you in your work

PTV Visum

PTV Visum helps you to model transport networks and travel demand, to analyse expected traffic flows, to plan public transport services and to develop advanced transport strategies and solutions.

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PTV Vissim

PTV Vissim is the software solution that assists you in intelligently simulating and controlling daily road traffic.




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PTV Viswalk

PTV Viswalk assists you in simulating and analysing the walking behavior of any number of pedestrians in a realistic and reliable manner.



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PTV Vistro

With this software you can analyse traffic operations, evaluate new development impacts and optimise signal timing. It can be used to analyse an intersection, a corridor or an entire network.

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PTV Data Analytics


Traffic Data




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TIS offers training in various types of arrangements with the guarantee that all the courses are taught by PTV certified trainers.

PTV Regular Courses

This kind of PTV Courses are available for each software on the PTV Library and are focused on completing tasks and projects.
Whether it's the basic or advanced training we assure that the trainees will receive the best practices using the software. From new users to experienced users, we can focus the scope of the course to the needs of the organization.
These courses are available on several countries and are under the responsibility of PTV.


 Tailored Training

These trainings are set-up with the needs of the client in mind. The goal is to transfer the knowledge and competences to use the PTV products efficiently.

These courses allow the client to train several people, and can even be taught on the client premises.

The Tailored Trainings are taught by PTV Certified Trainers and TIS can provide this service in Portuguese.


"Training on the job"

The training goal is to help the client develop a project.

This type of training is characterized by an intense work of the participants and the trainer in developing the project from its inception to its conclusion.

Technical assistance

For when you need help

Technical support is provided through the Hotline.

The Hotline works in two ways:
- For clients with maintenance contracts that need help with technical issues
- For any user, in the event of a software bug or with problems that can't be fixed trough the procedures described on the manual or FAQ.

TIS is Intelligent Movement

More than 20 years creating sustainable, integrated and all-in-one solutions in the area of mobility and transports