Traffic and Parking


Over the past decades, the approach to the planning and management of urban traffic and parking has been to provide more infrastructures to meet the steady growth in demand for car-based transport. This approach has already been proved unbearable, given that it promotes the further use of cars and the deterioration in the quality of life of people and cities.


Urban mobility strategies are currently based on greater restrictions to the use of cars, resulting from the requalification of the public space and the promotion of a greater (and better) fit of cars with other modes of transport, namely public transport or walking and cycling.


In this new approach, traffic engineering and parking management become even more important parts in defining the solutions that best fit the established goals.


TIS has been involved in some of the most representative projects of this paradigm shift at the national level, supporting decision-makers in establishing the guidelines for interventions and defining the best solutions.


To ensure that the proposed solutions achieve the established objectives for each case, TIS uses the most up-to-date and innovative tools in the evaluation of its performance, namely the Visum and Vissim software, from the PTV Group, of which TIS is a partner and one of the main users in Portugal.


On the other hand, and in order to meet our clients’ needs, TIS has been strengthening its production capacity in Road Infrastructure Projects, particularly dedicated to the urban design. These are projects with very specific characteristics, as they are inserted in the context of interventions of urban renovation or renewal, where it is necessary to ensure that the architecture project enables an appropriate performance of the road circulation, while ensuring the safety in the circulation of automobiles, public transport, bicycles and pedestrians.

Traffic and Parking


Strategic level
  • Demand studies for road concessions
  • Studies on the main corridors of the TEN-T network
  • Urban Management tools (Municipal master, urbanisation and detailed plans, etc.)
  • Mobility and transportation plans
  • Policies and strategies for parking planning


Tactical level
  • Preliminary road traffic analysis
  • Business model for the implementation of parking facilities
  • Feasibility studies for car parks
  • Road safety plans
  • Cost-benefit analysis
Operational level
  • Advising and monitoring of traffic for highway concessions
  • Traffic studies in support of urban, detailed and real estate development plans
  • Traffic studies for traffic generators
  • Circulation and parking studies
  • Urban road design (layout, paving, as well as vertical, horizontal and automatic traffic light-signalling, etc.)
  • Traffic management and traffic forecasting solutions
  • Micro simulation of vehicles and people movement
  • Optimisation of parking layouts and the respective projects (layout, paving and signalling)


  • Traffic Studies for large national concessions: Greater Lisbon, Douro Litoral, Baixo Tejo
  • Cost-Benefit analysis for Highway Concessions (AE), namely for AE Transmontana, AE Centro or AE Baixo Alentejo
  • Economic Profitability Studies for the IC35 and Feira-Mansores
  • Exploitation of geographical and economic criteria for positive differentiation in the former SCUT
  • Planning and Strategic Evaluation Study - IC26 Lamego / Trancoso
  • Circulation and parking plans for several Portuguese municipalities
  • Traffic Studies for real estate development, Master and Urbanisation Plans
  • Traffic Calming Studies: Central Zone of Vilamoura
  • Road Infrastructure Projects
  • Execution Project of Urban Cycle lane networks
  • Signalling Projects for car parks of buildings, equipment or large commercial spaces
  • Public Parking Planning in Lisbon
  • Business model for Vilamoura parking
  • Support for the revision of the Lisbon’s parking regulations
  • Optimum

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