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For most people, the bus is the "gateway" to the public transport system, and for many, the only available option for public transport, being this true both in rural and urban settings.


From an environmental point of view, public transport is a solution that must be considered when designing a sustainable mobility strategy. From a societal point of view, the provision of a mobility alternative should be seen not only as an essential service but also as a mechanism for social inclusion.


Current busses can answer effectively to a vast spectrum of mobility requirements with their size, capacity, more efficient engines, coupled with minimum emission requirements, and other options.


why you should choose tis

TIS has a large experience in projects related to public road transport, both nationally and internationally, considering consulting and research branches.


Indeed, TIS emerged in 1992 to answer the needs of STCP and Metro de Lisboa, providing planning and demand studies based on quantitative models. These models allow for the simulation of the behavior of collective transport networks and the estimation of demand when changes are introduced in the network (through their restructuring and expansion).


Since 2001, we have been working regularly with PTV's Visum software, which enables the development of multimodal transportation models, reproducing the current and future conditions of operation of the transportation systems.


Beyond the conventional public transport systems, TIS has been at the forefront in the development of flexible transport networks (transport on request), as well as in the planning and rationalization of school transport networks, contributing to the reduction of municipal expenditure.


Recently, TIS has cooperated with several Transportation Authorities supporting the process of implementation of the Legal Framework for Passenger Transport Service, and is developing Operational Transport Plans for several Intermunicipal Communities and municipalities.


In a European context, TIS’s curriculum features the participation in several European projects as researcher and consultant in management and planning of public road transport networks.


Alongside the support given to the planning of road transport networks, we believe the customer has a key role in the transport system and, as such, we offer expertise in the field of market research, namely to assess customer satisfaction and the definition of plans to improve the experience of using these modes of transport.


Public Road Transport

How we can help you

Our areas of expertise summarize as follows

Strategic level
  • Transportation policies
  • Business plans


Tactical level
  • Network planning and design
  • Operational Transport Plans: at regional and / or municipal scale
  • Studies of the Restructuring of Public Transport Networks
  • Exploration Models
  • Demand studies for collective transport networks (or lines)
  • Physical and / or economic feasibility studies
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Tariff models


Operational level
  • Planning and support on the implementation of flexible transport systems
  • Optimization of school transport networks
  • Training of TA technical teams
  • Microsimulation of Transport Interfaces
  • Customer satisfaction assessment
  • Action Plans for the promotion of TC services
  • Selection of the most appropriate transport technologies

our experience

Some of our experience in this area of business

  • Restructuring of the Lisbon and Oporto Bus Network
  • Analysis of Carris (Lisbon Bus operator) network regarding their possible concession
  • Operationalization of the OSP (Public Service Obligation) contract, Memorandum and Financial Conditions, STCP (Oporto public transport operator)
  • Evaluation of production gains due to improvement in commercial speed, STCP (Oporto public transport operator)
  • Update of the analysis study on the impacts resulting from the concurrent operation of STCP (Oporto public transport operator) in Vila D'Este and Vilar de Andorinho
  • Preliminary survey on the introduction of a BRT corridor linking Cascais and Lisbon
  • Support of municipalities and intermunicipal communities (CIM) on the contracting process of public transport networks
  • Business Model for the Licensing of the Eastern Station Bus Terminal
  • CONCERTOUR: Transport contribution to improve competitiveness of European tourism
  • EBSF (European Bus System of the Future) and EBSF 2 - Bus of the Future 2
  • ENERQI - Energy efficiency through the observation of quality by customers for the improvement of public transport
  • 3iBS - Intelligent, Innovative and Integrated Bus System
  • KITE: Intermodal Passenger Transport

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