Sustainable Mobility

Changing habits, balancing the system, reducing consumption


For too long, mobility in soft modes has been almost forgotten during the urban and transport systems planning process due to a wide conviction that only motorised modes of transport were efficient enough to answer the travel demand.


The paradigm shifted and today walking and cycling have a great significance in short-distance journeys and has the main vehicle to access or regress to/from motorised modes of transport.


Promoting a healthier and balanced society requires having a more sustainable behaviour where sustainable mobility plays a major role.

Complementary, the promotion of sustainable mobility leads to achieve the goal of decarbonization through either the improvement of transport infrastructures or a change in people and institutions modal behaviour.

why you should choose tis

In recent times, TIS has been strengthening its experience in addressing the sustainable mobility issue, whether in the development of Mobility and Transport Plans (like the recent project PAMUS - Action Plan on Sustainable Urban Mobility), or through the development of Accessibility Plans for Everyone and execution plans for pedestrian and cycling networks.


It is also important to highlight the role of TIS in research projects for the European Commission, focusing on the promotion of sustainable transport modes through mobile apps and gamification.


TIS has the technical expertise to offer solutions that make you, your company and your city more efficient and sustainable.

Sustainable Mobility

How we can help you

Our areas of expertise summarize as follows

Strategic level
  • Transport and Mobility Research and Plans
  • Accessibility Promotion Plans for Everyone
  • Research and Plans of Cyclable Networks
  • Mobility Plans for Large Enterprises and Equipments
  • Mobility Plans for Schools
  • Market research for cycling systems


Tactical level
  • Development of the concept of mobile applications that promote the use of sustainable modes


Operational Level
  • Execution projects for cycling track and pedestrian networks
  • Research on sizing and estimate demand for shared bicycle systems
  • Research on sizing and location of bicycle support infrastructures

our experience

Some of our experience in this area of business

  • Cascais Municipality Transit Study, definition of pedestrian and cycling network
  • Mobility and Transport Plan for the Region of Aveiro, definition of pedestrian and cycling network
  • Plan for the Promotion of Accessibility for Everyone for the municipalities of Castelo Branco and Idanha-a-Nova
  • Intervention and Requalification Project in Barreiras Islands - Accessibility and Transportation sector
  • Study for the introduction of cycling tracks in Vilamoura
  • Execution Plan of Torres Vedras cycling network
  • Plan for the Preservation and Valuation of the Historic Center of Angra do Heroísmo
  • Preliminary Study and Execution Project for a Cycling Lane in Ribeira Grande, Azores
  • B-Track-B: Family cycling for energy efficiency in urban leisure travel (B-TRACK-B)
  • TRACE: Opening the cycling and tracking potential
  • MOBI: From 5 to 4
  • MOBQUA: Mobility in in city blocks

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